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Fitness Ranes Trains Lanai

Earlier this year in March, we travelled to Lanai to lead a week-long session of the Fitness Ranes Experience, a.k.a. our Team Training / Boot camp sessions. We introduced their community to the progressive functional strength & conditioning principles that we use at Fitness Ranes. They trained … Read More


This Honolulu Bootcamp Gets Results

Our Bootcamp Gets You Comfortable With the Uncomfortable You might be apprehensive about starting a new exercise program. You might be wondering what the trainers, the other members, or what the vibe of the facility is like.  Maybe you're afraid of failure (or success). Our gym is judgement-free … Read More


Dr. Mark Cheng Kettlebell Workshop at Fitness Ranes

It's not often that Hawaii gets to have one of the best in the fitness industry do a workshop out here. Dr. Mark Cheng is an expert kettlebell instructor,  and he's doing a workshop at our gym here in Honolulu this weekend. Hopefully you're a fan of Fitness Ranes on Facebook and you've been seeing … Read More


Are you looking for a career in fitness as a personal trainer?

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you value life-long learning and being the best at your craft? Are you looking to build a career in fitness around a team that works together, has regular team training sessions, and shares training ideas & clients, instead of competing to get … Read More


Fitness Ranes Grand Opening

We're celebrating the Grand Opening of Fitness Ranes this coming Saturday March 29 from 9am to 1pm at our gym in Honolulu located at 1213 S Beretania Street. The grand opening will feature our wildly popular Metabolic Conditioning Team Training (AKA Bootcamp) held for charity, Warrior Challenges … Read More

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My Only Resolution for 2014

2013 had ups & downs like every year. I lost some family & friends, and gained some family & friends. I grew hair in places that I've never grown it before and I think I might be losing hair in some places that it has always been. I saw less of the world than I usually do, but spent the … Read More

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Tomorrow marks the completion of 14 weeks. I’ve lost 38 lbs. My pant waist size has dropped from a snug 36 to a loose 32. I had my checkup with my doctor this week; she nearly fell off her chair when she saw me & was amazed at my weight loss. My blood work came back excellent & she was impressed with how healthy I looked.